In order to protect the work of Wang Yigang and its collectors, the Archivio Wang Yigang archive is dealing with the verification, authentication and cataloging of his works for the purpose of publishing a Catalogue Raisonnè to fully document the artist's production.

It is required the owners of his paintings to fill the form (downlodable by clicking on the button below) with the following information:

  • Personal data
  • Title, measure and year of the work.
  • Front/Back photo ( 300dpi )
  • Scanning or photographs of any supporting material (certificates, brochures, articles, letters, photographs, etc.).
  • The credit line you want to be mentioned with.

If you want to receive the certificate of authenticity with the result of the artist's true expertise the cost will be € 200.

If you want to receive the certificate with catalog references and photographic correspondence, the cost will be € 500 (for each certificate)


For any kind of assistance please send an e-mail to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.