Bruno Saba


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Born in Rome in 1940, Bruno Saba was trained at the school of Domenico Purificato, Renato Guttuso and Luigi Montanarini.
In the mid-1960s, the theater and television set designer experience precedes that of teaching, which turns out to be his true professional vocation. In those years Saba painted with great commitment that in 1960 he presented his first personal in Rome (Galleria Le Jardin des Arts). Since 1965 he has taught artistic education in middle schools, first in the Abruzzi, where the novelty of the single high school stimulates him both in the teaching and in the social sense in contact with a still very rural environment; The landscapes of Fucino and Marsica sediment in its memory and will have decisive part in its painting. The years preceding the controversy are years of social and political turmoil, during which Saba carries out activities of cultural animation rooted in the community of Avezzano, where he mainly operates.