Rino Sernaglia


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from this it derives that every expression is based on its own linguistic specificity, specificity that Rino Sernaglia has been able to transmit through his abstract-geometric painting without ever monotonous sampling; even today there is a personal challenge, recognizable and precise, always current in relation to the changes in the various aspects of the society in which it operates. Born in Montebelluna in 1936, he lives in Milan at an early age, before the '50s is considered a "historical figure" of Brera. The history of Brera deglianni 50-80 could not be written without him, with the exclusion of the initial phase, the color-light has always been the central element of his artistic activity. Rino Sernaglia is an authentic figure, with a fascinating story, a conceptual painter of light that I am fortunate to know personally. Lately I found myself in silence in front of his works intent to understand and capture the energy they transmit; the impact leaves you breathless; the waves of pure colors and of triangles, circles and squares are not infinite and, if you do not manage them well, inevitably end up expiring in repetitiveness. Only the best are able to avoid the trap of monotony. Years ago he obtained it with very wise gradations of gray up to the white blade with which he closed the geometric bodies. The brightness reached the white glow. It was uniform and cold with illusionistic effects on those flat surfaces, almost creating a sort of polluting contraposition between geometry and emptiness.