GALLERIA D’ARTE MARTINELLI  was born with the precise intention of finding, selecting and reserving for a highly qualified public, important and exclusive ART, coming from the most prestigious international sources such as foundations, historical archives and museums. The Gallery is the perfect connection between the creativity of great artists and the particular sensitivity of enthusiasts who believe in the values ​​and culture of ART. This choice arises from the desire to simplify access to works of art by an attentive and prepared person, excluding all those intermediate steps that normally exist in this sector, so that, from the artist who created it, the the work can reach the collector directly. , with all the advantages that this operating mode entails. In thirty years of experience in the art world, the gallery has had the fortune and honor of collaborating with the biggest names in contemporary art, mediating the possibility of offering collectors works of rare quality.

Luigi Martinelli

He joins the group in 2017 to strengthen the exhibition program around the world

Raffaele Martinelli

He founded the gallery with the idea of ​​making the history of post-war Italian art known to an increasingly international audience

Dario Martinelli

Always curious to discover new art, in 2019 he opened a space in Miami

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